Bible Story pictures

Adam and Eve, the first humans, in God's presence (represented by the light)

Eve and Adam eating the forbidden fruit

Cain and Abel bringing their offerings to God

Animals entering the Ark before the worldwide flood

Noah's descendants can't understand each other any more

Abraham looking at the stars

Abraham with his son Isaac

Moses (with Aaron) turning the water to blood

David is anointed as king by Samuel

David faces Goliath

The king of Babylon's dream

Shepherds visitng Joseph, Mary and their baby, Jesus

The Holy Spirit coming down on Jesus as a dove after john baptizes him

Jesus with his disciples

Friends lowering a paralyzed man before Jesus

The evil spirits asking Jesus to enter the pigs

Jesus raising a dead girl

The lost son feeding pigs

The rich man, in Hell, sees his poor neighbor with Abraham

Jesus under arrest

Jesus on the cross

Jesus has risen from the dead!

The Holy Spirit comes on Jesus' followers

Paul telling the jailer not to kill himself

These and many other illustrations and photos are available for free at Free Bible Images.

Biblical illustrations by Jim Padgett, courtesy of Sweet Publishing, Ft. Worth TX
and Gospel Light, Ventura, CA Copyright 1984. All rights reserved.

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